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Have some elite jounin Sakura-sensei

I always liked the idea of wearing the headband sideways and making the knot into a cute bow.  Also I hope she keeps the scars.  Imagine the new baby genin being all like,

“Hey, that’s Sakura-sama-sensei!  I’ve heard of her—she’s a Sannin!”

"Whoah, where do you think she got those scars?"

"Naruto-sama says she got them fighting a dragon.”

"What?  That’s stupid."

"Well I heard she got them while nobly sacrificing herself to save Sasuke-sama from mortal peril.  It’s soooo romantic!”

"Uh, yeah, no, that definitely isn’t what happened."

"Waaait, wait, she’s Haruno Sakura?  But…that can’t be her!  Sai-sensei’s always talking about her, and he says she’s an unsightly hag with a demonic temperament and a third eye.”

"…Your sensei is weird, man."

"*sigh* Yeah I know."



i felt the overwhelming need to make this post. sorry for typos. please enjoy the enriching presentation on sammy

Wow this was pretty good!

I will just add that with the whole Ruby thing, Dean trusted Ruby a lot of the time, too, so even though he warned Sam, half the time he went along with Ruby, too. 

And I’ll just also add along with “kick starting the apocalypse,” Sam couldn’t have done that without Dean also starting the seals off. Sam was under the impression that killing Lilith would STOP the apocalypse from beginning, which everyone agreed Dean had set in motion. If Sam had killed Lilith out of order, she would just be dead and there would have been no Lucifer rising, but the angels basically cock blocked and manipulated the boys until they were right where they needed to be in order for this to happen. 

Bless you for making this! It’s adorable.







This scene still breaks my heart each and every single time I watch it.

Azula was a terrible, horrible person. She would have set the world aflame and laughed over the broken carcass of her brother.

But she was fourteen.

She was so ruined and twisted by her childhood and by her nation, driven to insanity by the expectations placed upon her.

Azula was bad and yet I can’t help but feel so terribly sorry for her.

"I don’t have sob stories like all of you."


"My own mother….thought I was a monster.
She was right, of course, but it still hurt.”

actually, i think one of the shows strengths is that they didn’t shy away from what a horrible tragedy this was. even though she was clearly a villain and did unspeakably awful things, this scene was still framed as sad. there was no celebrating- they just look at her sadly.

the music for the battle that leads up to this moment is sad too- it’s an epic battle, visually probably one of the biggest things done in the entire series, and they could have played it with thumping, energetic, dangerous music. but instead it’s quiet and somber. because the whole scenario is heartbreaking, and they know it.

i think the fact that a kid’s show had so much respect for it’s viewers and their ability to understand the complexity of this situation is what makes avatar great.

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